Manitoba Super Horse Sales 2019 50/50

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Christine Little Show Horses Gotta Stylish Invite Tara Brandson $5500.00
Rafter P Quarter Horses Delux Party Theresa Heibert $5250.00
Little Valley Quarter Horses Ladys So Slow Tara Reimer $4250.00
Little Valley Quarter Horses So Invited Am I Tammy Paquette $3750.00
Little Valley Quarter Horses Invitation N Hearts Jessica Bartram $3600.00
Little Valley Quarter Horses RL Best Invitation Jordan Brown $3300.00
Christine Little Show Horses Lookin For Potential Abby Goddard $3250.00
Christine Little Show Horses You Got The Motion Abby Goddard $3000.00
K & R Stuart My Radical Dimension Brian Rushinka & Laura Brown Lee $2900.00
Ghost Slot   Deb Trubee $2600.00
Ghost Slot   Scott MacKenzie $2500.00
K & R Stuart Radical Chip N Roses Dale Fenwich $1750.00
K & J Bridgeman Only Goin Slow Julie Bridgeman $1600.00
K & J Bridgeman Good Movin Russell & Christine Westersund $1600.00
Silver Blanket Quarter Horses Surely An Investment Werner Zotter $600.00
S & H Performance Plus UC My Best Party Dusty Rae $700.00
Sherald Joynt Quarter Horses Angels Golden Legend Angela L. Foster $1000.00
Donald Quarter Horses Rio Simple Delight Jessie Hadfield $750.00
DeYaegher Quarter Horses Amazin Black Pearle Susan DeYaegher $750.00
S & H Performance Plus UC Ultimate Invite Holley Gulenchyn $1250.00
Silver Blanket Quarter Horses Quita Investment Skylynn Sigurdson $700.00
K & J Bridgeman Lopin On Idle Sara Miller $1400.00
Silver Blanket Quarter Horses Ima Rio Delight Barb Bannister $700.00
Helstrom Performance Horses An Invite to Fame Garth Helstrom $700.00
Circle S Ranch DS Peppys Playboy Ray Salmon $1600.00
DeYaegher Quarter Horses Will To Win Elaine Banfield $1500.00
K & R Stuart Simple A Zipper Amanda Mantik $1500.00
DeYaegher Quarter Horses Always Ready Russell & Christine Westersund $1250.00
Sherald Joynt Quarter Horses MakeMeSmileCoolCat Kristine Bergen $800.00
S & H Performance Plus UC Ultimate Style Holley Gulenchyn $700.00
Silver Blanket Quarter Horses Tequila Loper Werner Zotter $600.00
K & R Stuart Fame Can Be Radical Jodi Anderson $1900.00