Manitoba Superhorse 50/50
Members Rules & Regulations
 Up-Dated February 2017

The Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 hosts a sale of weanlings, with half the sale revenue going to the administration of a 2 yr. old futurity. The futurity is only open to those weanlings that sold through the Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 sale. All weanlings must sell through the sales ring.


  • All memberships of the Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 must be Manitoba residents and have a physical address in Manitoba.  Registration papers must be in the name of the membership with a physical address in Manitoba. 
  • AS of 2016 memberships can be retained in the Manitoba Superhorse by members if they should leave the province after being a member in good standing for a minimum of 10 years.  All fees remain the same for these members.
  • Upon receiving membership into the Manitoba Superhorse 50/50, a signing authorization form must be completed by the new member listing all people eligible to sell horses under this membership. This extends to only immediate family members residing in Manitoba with a physical address in Manitoba. Forms will need club approval. Changes to the signing authority lists will necessitate club approval. 
  • Membership in the Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 is not transferable.
  • Members are those who have paid their annual maintenance fees.
  • The club reserves the right to limit the number of members. (at present 35)
  • Each member is allowed 1 vote. 1 membership- 1 vote.
  • New members are required to pay the founder fee. ($1000.) A fee of $100. is due upon being put on the waiting list. Balance ($900.) is due before the new membership is allowed to become a permanent voting Manitoba Superhorse Membership and allowed to put foals in to the futurity sale..
  • All people on the waiting list will be sent a list of rules and regulations and the minutes from the meetings on a regular basis. Please supply the secretary with your e-mail address.
  • New members that are paid in full prior to July 1st can consign to that years sale, a maximum of four (4) foals.  This number may be extended to (5) foals in certain circumstances.

March 1- $100. Annual maintenance fee payable to Manitoba Superhorse 50/50.. 
March 1- $100.- Advertising payment payable to the Manitoba Superhorse 50/50.  Missing the deadline will result in the fee being
doubled to $200.
NOTE: If the advertising copy is not received by July 1st then NO ad will be included in the catalogue. All    
ads must be camera ready, ads that are not camera ready are subject to charges that will be billed directly
to the advertiser from the company doing the catalogue or from the Manitoba Superhorse 50/50.
Ad prices for members:   full page -$125., ½ pg - $100., ¼ pg $50., bus. cards - $25.00  
All advertising fees for non-members are double.
July 1- $100 - Weanling guarantee payable to the Manitoba Superhorse 50/50.  $50.00 will be refunded when the foal sells through
the ring.
An additional $250. per weanling is due on July 1st if the member is not the breeder of record on the registration papers.
As of 2017 A Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 member is eligible to buy a maximum of 2 foals from another Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 member or members and the $250.00 Non Breeder of record consignment fee will be waived.  The foal or foals papers must be transferred to the new consigner.

If any fees are not received by Dec. 31, then membership expires.

August 1-   Foal information for the sale catalogue is to be sent to the show secretary must be in by Aug 1st . Not receiving info by the deadline will result in no information being entered for your foal. Electronic filing of foal information is recommended.  

The  July 1st deadline is to establish the # of foals consigned to the sale. If the optimum # of 50 has not been obtained then more foals
 can be consigned by members who have not reached their quota of four (4) foals.  If the optimum number of 50 still has not been obtained then members are allowed to over-consign foals to the sale to a maximum of 5 foals per membership if spots are available.  

  • The maximum number of entries allowed in the sale per member is four (4) unless the maximum optimum number of 50 is not obtained then a 5th foal can be consigned.
  • Sale Catalogue order: This will be done with an initial round then a continual rotation until all slots are filled.
  • Foals must be born prior to June  15th, to be eligible to sell in the MB 50/50 sale.
  •  No foal with an over-bite (no occlusal contact between the upper and lower central incisors) will be allowed to sell. Foal in question will be inspected by the owner & two (2) members of the committee who will determine sale eligibility.
  • It is up to the membership to police themselves & if there is a complaint of health issues on the foal,  it is to be brought to the attention of the executive

      & show directors. Their decision will be final.
Directors for the show will include: arena director, sale director, rules & regulation director, and President.

  •  Foals may be substituted up to the time of the sale as long as the prior foals information was sent in by the deadline date
  •  Original papers and a signed transfer on all sale foals must be in office by Fri. evening of sale weekend.  Consignors are required to bring 2 copies of the papers (fr & back).
  •  Weanlings consigned must be solely in consigned members name to sell, as per the authorization forms.
  •  Hair will be pulled for possible DNA purposes prior to the sale
  •  A floor price of $600. per foal applies to the sale. Foals that don’t attain a $600. bid will automatically   

        be purchased by the consignor for $600.

  • The “Wild Card”will sell first in the sale.  The selected foal will be pulled from its rotation in the sale.
  • The “ghost slot” is available to members and non members for a minimum bid of $2500.  The winning bidder must present a hard copy or electronic copy of the foals papers at the time of the sale.  A dna hair sample and pictures must be submitted within 30 days of the sale to the show secretary
  • All foals are sold with a halter and lead shank supplied by the Manitoba Superhorse 50/50.
  • All foals must remain on a shank and in control at all times in the sales ring.
  •  In the event of an NSF cheque, the NSF cheque will be dealt with by the MB 50/50 membership.
  • US cheques will be accepted at the current exchange rate which will be decided upon at sale time.


  • Meetings  are set:  meetings are set for the 2nd Wed. of  Mar., June, Aug., Oct., Nov., & the AGM will be set by the executive close to Feb.1st.
  • $100. will be paid upon request to those who chair the following positions: catalogue, sponsorship, arena director, sales director, President, Treasurer, & Secretary. This is to requested to the treasurer before Dec 31st.
  • Motions put forth to the floor need unanimous approval. For all motions that don’t have unanimous approval, a 2nd reading is required at the next mtg. Defeated motions don’t require a 2nd reading.
  • Motions put forth at the AGM do not require unanimous approval.  Majority vote determines the result of motion.
  • Time sensitive items, as defined by the president, do not require a 2nd reading at a regular meeting

Breakdown for payout for the futurity will be:
1st -  28% of purse 11% split to
2nd - 17% of purse 3% split to
3rd - 14% of purse 3% split to
4th - 11% of purse 2% split to
5th -   9% of purse 2% split to
6th -   7% of purse 2% split to
7th -   5% of purse  1% split to
8th -   4% of purse  1% split to
9th -   3% of purse  1% split to
10th -  2% of purse
Breakdown of consignor award payout will come from 5% of the sale proceeds, split as follows:
1st- 30%, 2nd - 25%,    3rd- 20%,    4th -15%,    5th- 10%