Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 momentum continues to build

Show Rules *updated 2020

pdf of pattern #1 - to be completed on Day 1 of the futurity

pdf of pattern #1 score card

pdf of pattern #2 - to be completed on Day 2 of the futurity

pdf of pattern #2
score card

Rules & Regulations * updated 2020
Equine Canada rules -please refer to chapter 10

2021 5050 foal consignment template Please complete this form by Sept. 1st electronically and submit it to :

The 2021 entry form and stall request form is for yearlings, 2yr olds and 3yr olds.

Yearling Information Letter new 2021

2yr old and 3yr old information letter new 2021

yearling, 2yr old and 3yr old online template-please complete this and send it to
How to complete your entryform and email it - information on how to complete the template

Entry Form and Stall request form word document: Please complete this form and submit it with appropriate fees

Entry Form and STall request form PDF document: Please complete this form and submit it with appropriate fees

Manitoba Superhorse Waiver New 2021 - Please complete this form and submit it with entries.

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION: For 2020 the futurity has been postponed. The membership is planning a 3yr old futurity in 2021 for those horses that sold in the 2018 sale along with the 2yr old futurity for those horses that sold in the 2019 sale. A yearling longe line will be offered to those that sell in the 2020 sale.

This applies to foals that sold in 2019, 2020...

The Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 is offering our futurity competitors an option when it comes to the rail class - ranch rail pleasure or regular western pleasure. These 2 classes will be ran separately with up to 7 riders depending on entries. Each class will be run as a rail class and have the appearance of a “normal” rail pleasure class, except that each contestant will be scored separately. Some judges use this method of scoring their pleasure classes already. Only ranch rail horses show in the ranch rail class(s). Only regular western pleasure riders will show in that class. Each horse’s gait performance will be scored against “the ideal” ranch pleasure horse or against the ideal Regular western pleasure horse.
The top ten pleasure entries will be determined by the individual scores of each judge of both classes.
- 2021 will also see a restructure of the top-ten payout, using these percentages to determine the payout amounts:
19/17/15/13/11/9/7/5/3/1 resulting in an increase of payout % for all placings except 1st & 10th

* Weanlings sold at the 2018 sale are eligible to win a guaranteed $10,000 for first place in 2021.
Due to the postponement of the 2020 futurity these horses are eligible to show as 3yr olds using the show
format that was to be used in 2020. Conformation, pattern and one rail class type.*

*YEARLING LONGELINE DIVISION: the 2020 weanlings that sell through the on line sale are eligible to compete in a yearling longe line jackpot in 2021.


March 1- $100. Annual maintenance membership payable to MB 50/50 Superhorse Assoc. Please refer to Rules and Regulations for complete membership information. New Memberships are welcome.

March 1- $100.- Advertising & payment due payable to the MB 50/50 Superhorse Assoc.. Missing deadline will result in double fee- $200. NOTE: If ad copy is not received by July 1st then no add will be included in the catalogue. All advertising is to be camera ready. Please mail/email advertising copy to: Ruby Stuart

July 1- $100. Fee per weanling guarantee payable to the MB 50/50 Superhorse Assoc. Please refer to Rules and Regulations for more information.

All above fees go directly to Holley Gulenchyn  Box 9 Hadashville, MB R0E 0X0 
Phone: (204) 426-5446 

Ad prices for members – full page -$125., ½ pg - $100., ¼ pg $50., bus. cards - $25.00
Prices for non members are double.

Aug.1- Foal information for the sale catalogue to be emailed to the show secretary.
2yr old information for the catalogue to be emailed to the show secretary.
Eryn Butterfield

SEPTEMBER 1ST - 2yr old entry fees are due $200, late fees are $400 from September 2nd thru to October 1st. After October 1st to the day before the show the late fee is $1000 per entry.
Please refer to show rules for more information.

The Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 Futurity is a success story unparalleled in western Canada. It's success has been dependent upon the support of the breeders who bring their good weanlings to the sale each fall and give half the selling price back to the futurity pot. It's success has been dependent upon the support of the buyers who pack the stands each fall as they bid on the weanling they think will come back and win the two year old Futurity. The Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 Futurity has been a phenomenon in the horse industry with the futurity pot growing to make it the richest futurity in Western Canada.

It all started in with an idea. Brandon horseman Neil McLeod had seen a similar program in the U.S. and thought that it was something that could be implemented in Manitoba. He called together a group of horse breeders and told them about this crazy futurity that took half the monies paid out for weanlings at a sale to create a lucrative pot, which would be paid out when they were two year olds. Only horses sold at the weanling sale would be eligible to return to compete at the two-year-old futurity. The horses would be judged for conformation, under saddle on the rail and on how they performed a simple reining pattern geared towards two year olds. The futurity would also differ from other horse shows because the horses would never leave the ring from start to finish of the three phases.

In addition to consigning horses to the sale breeders would also become founding members of the Manitoba Superhorse 50/50, which would be closed to only 30 members. The founding members were Circle S Ranch, Joe and Jan Goodwill, Charles Enns, M Bar 2, KJ5 Ranch, K & J Bridgeman, Mcleod's Paints and Quarter Horses, Kelly Stuart, Bridgeman Appaloosa's and Quarter Horses, Dave & Wendy Somers, Blains Bend Quarter Horses, Rocking W Ranch, 2 U Ranch, Thunderbird Horse Center, Larry and Noreen Hicks, Joynts Quarter Horses, Kelly Bridgeman, Pat Kleemola, EJM Paints and Quarter Horses. Whenever a breeder wanted to drop out they could and new members would pay a membership fee to become a member. They did not know that they were starting a program that would catch the imagination and interest of many horseman who would either buy colts and return to compete on them or just those who come to the Keystone Center each fall to watch the futurity drama unfold each year.

And a drama it is. Aside from the four official judges that will appraise the horses and their riders are the hundreds of amateur judges in the stands who wait in eager anticipation to hear the placings and see how their favorites fair in the standings. To win the 50/50 a horse must do well in all three phases but some will place higher in the conformation portion than they will in the pattern or perhaps they are strong rail horses but not conformation types. Add to this the fact that for many of the youngsters in the ring this is their first trip to town and they are having to deal with all the distractions of a big show and you can see how anything can happen! The futurity is a testing ground for many and is to the credit of the trainers and riders how well these young horses handle the situation. Some horses handle the first day well and don't perform as well the second or it might be vise versa. Two judges look at the horses each of the two days and what one judge likes the other might not which results in the horses being placed differently. Some years no one knows who has won the futurity until the final announcements is made!


The riders range from professional horse trainers to amateurs and youths. To this end the 50/50 has built in awards for the top amateur and top youth. There are lucrative payouts for the top ten placings at the futurity and breeder aren't forgotten as they also receive a payout in the form of a Breeder's Award. But aside from the money it is equally important to the breeder, owner, trainer, and rider to be able to say they won or (placed!) in this very prestigious event. The show gives many people the opportunity to see the finished product from several different breeders in one venue. The futurity gives the youngsters added value and in the past ten years have contributed to the horse industry by putting good, well started young horses back in the marketplace. Many of the youngsters that come through the 50/50 have gone on to excel in a variety of disciplines for their owners. In it's first year, the 50/50 offered yearlings as well as weanlings for sale in order to have a two year old futurity the next year. In 1991 two year olds were simply entered in the 50/50 futurity but since then only horses sold at the 50/50 sale have been allowed to compete. The total selling price of the weanlings has surpassed itself each year for the past ten years and many people wonder where it will all end. The sale gives horsemen a chance to see how good their eye is. It is a gamble that many enjoy taking and one that pays handsomely when all is said and done. The members of the Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 Futurity believed in the idea of a sale and show and it has paid off. One thing is for sure there will be horses that ride and look good doing it! Good luck to all buyers and competitors.