In 2019 the Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 held its first Longeline event. This event will be continued in 2020.

Placing # Registered Name  Consignor Owner Trainer Exhibitor Payout
1 822 My Best Motion Little Valley Quarter Horses Keegan Burt Keegan Burt Keegan Burt  $  400.00
2 818 Im N Slow Motion Christine Little Hailey Olson Hailey Olson Hailey Olson  $  240.00
3 825 UC IM A Doll S and H Performance Plus Holley Gulenchyn Holley Gulenchyn Holley Gulenchyn  $  160.00


It all started with an idea. Brandon horseman Neil McLeod had seen a similar program in the U.S. and thought that it was something that could be implemented in Manitoba. He called together a group of horse breeders and told them about this crazy futurity that took half the monies paid out for weanlings at a sale to create a lucrative pot, which would be paid out when they were two year olds. Only horses sold at the weanling sale would be eligible to return to compete at the two-year-old futurity. The horses would be judged for conformation, under saddle on the rail and on how they performed a simple reining pattern geared towards two year olds. The futurity would also differ from other horse shows because the horses would never leave the ring from start to finish of the three phases.

The Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 Futurity is a success story unparalleled in western Canada. It's success has been dependent upon the support of the breeders who bring their good weanlings to the sale each fall and give half the selling price back to the futurity pot. It's success has been dependent upon the support of the buyers who pack the stands each fall as they bid on the weanling they think will come back and win the two year old Futurity. The Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 Futurity has been a phenomenon in the horse industry with the futurity pot growing to make it the richest futurity in Western Canada.

As the Manitoba Superhorse event continues to evolve the concept and purpose of the program has stayed true to its beginnings::
The Concept ….. Of the Superhorse Organization is to promote and enhance the versatility and quality of today's young horses.

The Purpose ….. To train and develop all horses in a humane manner, protecting at all times, their physical and mental potential.

As the Manitoba Superhorse 50/50 sale and futurity moves into its 25th year we invite all horse enthusiasts to take part in our event and participate in the future evolution of the event. This page is dedicated to celebrate the membership, people and of course the horses who have been involved with this event over its 25 years.

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Membership list from 1991 to present

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Testimonial - Cassandra's Story

I was a young girl watching 50/50 year after year. Winning seemed out of reach. I bought my first 50/50 when i was 18 and was hooked. I’ve owned 8, 4 have made it back, 3 went on to do other things and 1 is for this years futurity.  The first one was from Sherald Joint.  I spun the wrong way in the pattern and we came in 11th.  The next year I came back dreaming for the top 10 with a little bay mare from Wainwright’s. We won. It was one of the most special moments of my life.  Blair was the horse that made me strive for more and step up to another level at AQHA.  I came back two years later with a gelding from K & J Bridgeman. We finished 4th and high point amateur. The 4th time I competed was on Blair’s baby. To walk into a pen with one I raised was surreal. I wanted her to win it like her mom had. She let that happen for me.

The mares I won on went to work every day and have  so much heart. They were smart, willing to learn and strong enough physically and mentally to get there.  Those 50/50 wins are some of the memories I hold closest to my heart. 

I love this futurity.  I love the progression of watching a weanling grow into a 2 year old that can perform at 50/50.  Whether they make it back or not I learned something from each foal I trained and this futurity has helped me grow as a horsewoman and I am so grateful to everyone who makes it possible year after year.